Our Advisory Board Members

  Brinkmann, Darryl  
  Data Center Facility Services Mgr., Caterpillar.  
  Clark, Vinisha  
  Executive Director, Customer Satisfaction & Business Planning, AT&T.  
  Fox, Michael C. (President)  
  Partner, Accenture.  
  Hogan, Pete  
  Vice President, E-commerce, Brown Shoe Company.  
  Hopper, Scott  
  Manager, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.  
  Jordan, Mark P.  
  Vice-President and CIO, Furniture Brands Unlimited.  
  Marker, Jeff  
  General Manager,Retail Enterprise,Junction Solutions.  
  Marshall, Bill  
  President and CEO,Phelps County Bank.  
  Smyth, Kevin  
  Vice President and CIO,Cerner Corporation.  
  Stark, Jeff  
  Sr. Business Leader, Mastercard.  
  Swan, Mark  
  Vegetable Manufacturing IT Lead, Monsanto.  
  Templeton, Kurt  
  Retail Operations Director, Walmart.  
  Thelen, Stefanie  
  General Manager, Slalom Consulting, St. Louis  
  Wilson, Patrick  
  Principal Manager, Software Eng. Tools & Eng., Boeing.  
  Woessner, Mike  
  President, Investment Realty, Inc.