Careers, Co-Ops, & Internships

  The Department of Business and Information Technology  (BIT) is a great place to launch yourself into a lifelong career.  CNN did a study identifying the top 20 careers with the forecasted fastest growth over the next decade.  Of the twenty listed, fifteen of them have a foundation in our department.Furthermore,  S&T graduates have the second highest starting salary among the  nations public universities.   
  But that is just one of the reasons to  start building your career with us.  Why?  For one, BIT is in line with the direction of the future business marketplace. (See the sidebar.) The blending of business knowledge and technological skills is the very foundation of our department.  
  Also we help you gain practical experience during your studies.  This can be done either through an internship over a summer or a co-op position. The program is set up so students can take a break from studies and work full-time for one or for a combination of semesters such as spring/summer or summer/fall, allowing 8-9 months of work experience vs. the 3 summer months allowed for internship positions.  

"The real world experience I got at … is invaluable. My coworkers treated me like a member of the team and were genuinely concerned about my success during my time there."
—Sarah Richmond

  When it comes time to graduate and finding that dream job, we offer the  Career Opportunities and Employer Relationships center (COER).  They open the door to the job market though one of the larger career fairs in the Midwest and  numerous campus interviews.  The COER center helps student prepare for interviews by teaching short courses in how to write a solid resume, reviewing proper etiquette, and practicing answering questions.