Your career in business

When you look at jobs predicted to have the fastest growth over the next decade, they include financial analysts, marketing specialists, management consultants, and business system analysts. Why? It’s simple. The world has become one giant, global marketplace and it takes people well versed in fundamental business skills to keep the financial machinery profitable.

As a graduate of the business and management systems program, you’ll be trained in such skills, as well as prepared to use information systems and their associated technologies to make informed business decisions.  In short, the program will groom you to be a performer and leader in tomorrow’s world.

Where do business managers work?

A degree in business and management systems equips you for virtually any management position where expertise in information technology is advantageous. The program is oriented towards students who want to start their own company or work in a fast-paced business environment, and nearly one in five S&T graduates start their own company at some time during their career.