About Our Department

Why study business or information science and technology at Missouri S&T?

The Department of Business and Information Technology (BIT) is uniquely poised within Missouri S&T, a renown technological university, to offer an inimitable education for our students. Today’s businesses depend on technology at every turn, from building a client base to improving productivity, and students in BIT build on relevant technological skillsets to meet those needs.

In BIT you will develop expertise in technology – tools to tackle current business problems. Graduates of each of our four programs (bachelor of business and management systems, bachelor of information science and technology, master of business administration, master of information science and technology) are equipped with technology skills and business mindsets that employers are looking for. Many of our students intern and coop with well-known employers and our alumni are sought after by distinguished corporations.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To serve the economic interests of industry and the evolving needs of society in a challenging, rapidly changing, global environment, the Department of Business and Information Technology capitalizes on the strong technological emphasis of Missouri S&T to enable individuals to excel in a technology-centric business world. Recognizing this rapid evolution of the marketplace, we create and disseminate knowledge impacting the theory and practice of business.

Our Vision

The Department of Business and Information Technology strives to yield scholarship of increasing quality and significance while providing an education for creating tomorrow’s leaders in a technologically transformative business world.

Customized and Flexible

BIT's 4+1 programs allows students currently working on the bachelor degree to dual enroll in the MBA or M.S. IST program during their final year or final semester and receive their graduate degree in one additional year. Please see the 4+1 flyers for additional information.

MBA 4+1 Program

MS IST 4+1 Program

BIT offers both the MBA and MS IST on campus and completely online, using state-of-the-art virtual classrooms. As a student in either program, you can interact directly with your professors and fellow classmates during a lecture or view materials at a later time that better fits your schedule. For more information about distance courses, please see Distance & Continuing Education.