Student Opportunities

As with any student at S&T, Business and Information Technology students have a wealth of opportunities to get involved on campus outside of traditional classroom settings.

Design Teams

Consider joining a student design team. Team membership is open to, and encouraged of S&T students of ALL academic majors, not just engineering. Team-based learning blends traditional classroom instruction with the critical “outside-the-box” thinking necessary to be successful in a fast-paced development project.

Student design teams work out of the Kummer Student Design Center, a new facility that provides design team members with advanced computer design labs and software, a complete manufacturing and testing center, business offices and logistical assets, along with the technical, marketing, communication and fundraising support necessary to prepare students for successful careers even before graduation.

Student Organizations

With more than 200 recognized student organizations on campus to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a club that interests you. There are even several organizations geared specifically toward business and information technology students.

Cooperative Education

S&T’s Cooperative Education Program is designed to provide you, as a student, with the opportunity to gain practical degree-related work experience prior to graduation. The program is set up so you can take a break from studies and work full-time for one or a combination of semesters. Approximately 100-150 employers hire S&T co-op students annually.