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Business today is driven by information, which must be managed, stored, processed, and analyzed in order to make intelligent business decisions. Our Business and Management Systems undergraduate degree and our MBA graduate degree offer a unique blend of business and technology management. Our undergraduates share a common core of courses with our Information Science & Technology undergraduates, making them truly prepared for modern business. Our MBA students come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, including science, engineering, business and the humanities.


  Academic Programs

Information technology has transformed every aspect of our economy and society. The rapid spread of technology has generated the need for highly trained professionals to implement and maintain information systems. The Information Science and Technology degrees are designed to educate students in the design, development, and successful application of information systems in organizations.

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New Course on BIG DATA announced for Spring 2014 !!!.

For more details , please refer to the below document.

 Introduction to Big Data Analytics

 Big Data
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