Information science and Technology


Our bachelor of science degree in information science and technology will provide you with the necessary skills to connect people and technology in today's workforce. Your classes will include a core set of courses that will provide you with an understanding of programming concepts, data structures, web design, internet applications, telecommunications networks and e-commerce.


Our master of science degree in information science and technology will teach you how to design, develop and apply information systems in organizations and businesses. The research will be integrated into your classroom experience, with specially equipped labs and classrooms available to support research studies.

Graduate certificate programs

Our department offers a number of popular and highly ranked graduate certificates, led by the No. 2 big data certificate in the country. Each certificate program consists of four courses.

Your career in information and technology

Today’s businesses demand professionals who understand information technology, are comfortable in a digital environment and can synthesize, analyze and learn from vast amounts of information. Our graduates are prepared to deliver.