Information Science and Technology

Undergraduate Degree

The bachelor of science in information science and technology (IST) is a STEM degree that will provide you with the necessary skills to connect management and technology in today’s workforce. Graduates in this field empower organizations by managing and supporting information systems to yield a more efficient and profitable enterprise.

There is great demand for IT professionals who have both strong technical knowledge and broad understanding of business. These individuals are needed to implement and manage technology that supports business processes, managerial decision-making and organizational communication. Although this is a computing-focused program, you’ll spend most of your day working with people, not machines. To this end, all IST majors are eligible to receive a minor in business without any additional coursework.

degree curriculum

Information Science and Technology Core

Your classes will include a core set of courses that will provide you with understanding of programming concepts, tools for project control, database management, data science, computer architecture, data networks, information systems design, technology management, and e-commerce.

Common Core

You will join your business and management systems classmates in a common core set of classes. These classes reflect the theme of integration of business and technology, and represent information technology, management, quantitative, and communication skills.

Information Science and Technology Electives

To prepare yourself for a beginning career, you will take at least fifteen credit hours of IST electives. You are encouraged to designate areas of concentration by pursuing one or more of over a dozen minors offered by our department in many popular, high-demand areas.

Experiential Learning

You will be required to engage in an experiential learning activity. These activities are designed to require you to go beyond mastering basic skills and knowledge in the practical application of that material, and allow you to learn in environments that align with your aptitudes.

NOTE: Current students should consult their degree audit report (found online at to view their specific degree requirements. Degree requirements change over time. Students are normally held to the requirements in effect when they began their college studies.
If you are a transfer student or have interrupted your studies for more than two consecutive semesters, special rules may apply to your situation.

IST 4-year sample schedule FS23

IST Fact Sheet FS23

Information Science and Technology Curriculum - Effective Fall 2023
General Education (37 credit hours)

College Orientation

Nature Systems

Human Institutions

Communication Skills

Common Core (27 credit hours)1

Information Technology



IST Core (18 credit hours)
IST Electives (15 credit hours)1

Select any five courses (at 3000-level or above) from information science and technology or enterprise resource planning. Click on the subject to see a complete list of courses under that subject area.

Any of BUS 5730, BUS 5910, COMP SCI 4700COMP SCI 5601 will also count toward this requirement.

Some courses listed in the catalog are not regularly offered. Contact the department for up-to-date information on present course offerings.

Free Electives (9 credit hours)
Total Credit Hours: 120

A grade of 'C' or better is required in all of the following: BUS 1110, BUS 1210, BUS 1810, BUS 5980, ECON 1100, ECON 1200, ERP 2110, FINANCE 2150, IS&T 1551, IS&T 1552, IS&T 1750, IS&T 3131, IS&T 3333, IS&T 3343, IS&T 3420, IS&T 3423, IS&T 4641, IS&T 4654, MKT 3110, and all IST Electives.

1 A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in these courses.
2 Science is any course in biological science, chemistry, geology, geological engineering or physics.
3 Fine Arts, Social Science, or Humanities is any course in art, economics, English, foreign language, history, literature, music, philosophy, political 
science, psychology, sociology or theater that is not used for other degree requirements.
4 ENGLISH 1160 may be substituted for ENGLISH/TECH COM 1600.
5 Mathematical Science is any course in mathematics, statistics, computer science or information science and technology that is not used for other 
degree requirements.
6 A grade of 'C' or better is required in this course as a prerequisite to STAT 3111.

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Even if you have already chosen a major, you might want to consider one of our department's minors. Our minors continue to be among the most popular on campus, and provide you with valuable business and information technology expertise coming out of college.

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Your career

As a graduate of the information science and technology program, you’ll have a strong technical and analytical background as well as understanding of the expanding role of technology in business. There are many career opportunities and students benefit greatly in terms of their education and the advantage they have seeking full-time employment once they graduate.

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Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs

You can earn your master's degree in as little as one additional year after completing your bachelor's degree. Our graduate track pathway and 4+1 programs allow you to complete some of your graduate coursework during your last year of undergraduate studies. This saves you time and money when compared to the traditional course schedule.

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