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As a business and management systems graduate, you might begin your career working in marketing or sales and become involved with promoting a new product, launching a brand campaign or managing a retail department. In recent years, financial technology has emerged as a fast-growing profession in high demand. Other graduates find jobs in the IT sector. This program is oriented towards students who want to work in a fast-paced business environment, and nearly one in five S&T graduates start their own company at some time during their career.

Popular Professions

Preparation for some of these careers requires specific courses

  • Business Analytics and Data Science - Data Modeling, Information Visualization, Business Operations Analysis
  • Business Operations - Business Process Design, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Product Management
  • Digital Commerce - Digital Commerce Business Strategy, Internet of Things, Website Design
  • Enterprise Resource Planning - Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Performance Dashboard
  • Entrepreneurship - Business Models, Technological Innovation Management, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0
  • Finance - Investment Management, Financial Technology and Analytics, Blockchain
  • Human-Computer Interaction - Usability Evaluation, Interface Design
  • Management and Leadership - Business Negotiations, Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Sales - Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Digital Marking and Promotions, Big Data Consumer Analytics

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