Student Ambassadors

The BIT Student Ambassadors are a group of exceptional students representing all four of the BIT academic programs: B.S. in Business and Management Systems, B.S. in Information Science & Technology, Master of Business Administration, and the M.S. in Information Science & Technology.  The students are recommended by BIT faculty and approved by the BIT Student Affairs Committee.  The BIT Ambassadors provide valuable feedback to the department and are often called to represent the department at networking events hosted by the department.  In addition to the periodic communication with BIT faculty and the opportunity to network with employers, BIT ambassadors also are acknowledged at commencement with BIT honors cords. 

The BIT Ambassadors for Spring 2022 are:

  • Pooja Bhatia
  • Jacob Henderson
  • Luke Hertzler
  • Aiden Hurtado
  • Edward Keith
  • Susan Korn
  • Xuan Liu
  • Alaina Martens
  • Alexander Strating
  • Zane Stobie
  • Jessica Summers